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The Road to Tomorrowland: My Journey & Learning Lessons Along the Way

For those wondering, “what is Tomorrowland?” All you need to know is that it’s an insanely epic, wild-and- free electronic dance music (EDM) festival in the middle of the Dutch town, Boom, Belgium. Also referred to as the pinnacle of EDM festivals. The fact that I landed two tickets was a miracle. Jumping for joy, we decided a Euro trip in the days leading up to Tomorrowland was in order.

Here is where we went, what happened, and how we to got to Tomorrowland:

– The Game Plan –

4 days in London, England

1 day in Brussels, Belgium

4 days at Tomorrowland . . . or until they kick us out

First stop London

Tower of London

London was quintessentially amazing. Seeing as it was our first time there, we insisted on doing the “touristy” things by day and local scene by night. By local scene, I mean getting sloshed in hole-in-the-wall British pubs.

Here is my mini bucketlist for 4-days in London (See interactive map above):

Catch changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

Have a deep conversation with someone over afternoon tea

Say “You sound like you’re from London” to at least one British person

Eat fish and chips

Go shopping (for Tomorrowland outfits) on Oxford Street

Bar hop around Camden Town. Remember those whole-in-the-wall pubs I was talking about.

Grub out at Borough Market

Get a history lesson at the Tower of London

People watch in Trafalgar Square

Admire the beauty of Big Ben and the Parliament Building

Soho Secret Tea Room

The lesson I learned in London was going there first, meaning London is expensive and I spent a fortune right off the bat. The excitement of being so far from home meant uncontrollable spending. Had I gone to a cheaper city first, I wouldn’t have been so stretched for cash during the festival . . . at least that is what I keep telling myself.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a TRAIN

How to get from London to Brussels by Train: The best way is taking the Eurostar. I recommend going with the Standard Premier ticket for extra legroom, meals, and more. One-way tickets run around $120. Check their schedule and buy tickets here (link:

 First Class Meal on the Eurostar from London to Brussels

Second Stop Brussels

Brussels was love at first sip of Belgian Ale. Making my way around this city in one day was difficult, which is why I have since been back twice. Yup, Brussels is my favorite city for multiple reasons: great beer, delicious chocolates, Dutch people are incredibly nice, and much more!


Belgian Waffles in Belgium

Here is my super mini bucketlist for 1-day in Brussels (See interactive map above):

Run around the Grand Place

Have a drink at the world famous Delirium Bar

Bike through the city to Atomium

Eat a Belgian waffle and repeat

Admire the street art along Comic Book Route

Indulge in Belgian chocolate from the first hole in the wall bakery you find

The real lesson to be learned is spend more time in less popular places. Not to say Brussels isn’t a popular destination, but compared to London, it is nowhere close. The moment I arrived in Brussels, I immediately regretted only booking one night. As with any road trip, I shouldn’t have put all my time in at the most popular place (i.e. London).

The Grand Place Belgium

Like Shuttling a Heard of Cows

We decided to take the official Tomorrowland shuttle for three reasons: we had no car, no cell phone data, and were 0% fluent in Dutch.

How to get from Brussels to Tomorrowland by shuttle: From your hotel take the metro or Uber to the Brussels International Airport. From Passenger Pickup there will be shuttles lined up. Look for the one with the Tomorrowland sign.

See here (LINK: for more travel options

Hello Tomorrowland


After a glorious 5-day journey leading up to Tomorrowland, I must say it felt great to finally arrive at the end destination. The rest is a series of us partying our asses off for 4-days earning ourselves a much-deserved shower, proper bathroom, and A/C for when we got home!

Have you ever traveled to a music festival, domestically or abroad?


This article was written by Seeking Neverland 

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